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The science
of HO

HOCL is nature’s oldest disinfectant. It is a substance produced naturally by the body to kill, heal and protect against ALL known bacteria, spores
and viruses. HOwCLean replicates this same substance through a chemical process.


HOCL stands for hypochlorous acid. It is an extremely powerful oxidant, and is 200-300 times more effective at killing pathogens (organisms that
cause diseases) than bleach, whilst having a pH value very similar to a mild citrus juice. This means that HOCL is at least as effective as alcohol-based sanitisers, but has the added benefits of being far kinder to the skin.


HOCL production does not involve an environmentally damaging manufacturing process and is preferred by those who have a cultural,
religious or life-style objection to using alcohol-based products.


HOCL is already used extensively around the world and is now beginning to be widely recognised in the UK as a more effective, safer and cheaper form of sanitisation for everyone.

BS EN1276:2019 • EN1040:2005 • EN1275:2005

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