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About ViroGold UK

ViroGold disinfectant range is made up of a Hypochlorous Acid Solution (HOCL). It is a unique mixture of salt and water and with applying a patented proprietary production process we have created a stabilised pH version unlike any other HOCL on the market, to optimise efficacy.


We deliver the highest quality of stable HOCL which is non-systemic, safe for humans and animals, non-toxic and does not contain any carcinogenic elements.


ViroGold HOCL is pure and stable when stored at room temperature in its original packaging. 


Sanitising Solutions

HOwCLean can be used on personal items such as toothbrushes, babies’ dummies and soothers, and pet toys. It is so safe that it is used on cuts and grazes to prevent further infection. Non-flammable, it is also completely safe on hard and soft surfaces, furniture and generally around the home.

Our HOwCLean backpack sprayer has been developed to provide a portable sanitisation solution. With our specially designed nozzle, the backpack can be used to effectively sanitise larger spaces including touch points and other areas where bacteria or viruses may develop. It is pump-operated and can be deployed in numerous settings without the need for a power cable or regular recharging of batteries. Its quiet operation means it can be used without causing a disturbance. Our backpack sprayer will allow the user to apply enough HOwCLean to a surface to ensure the rapid destruction of viruses, pathogens and bacteria.

Designed to hold 20 litres of HOwCLean solution distributed through our nozzles which were created to ensure efficiency giving the user cost- effective peace of mind sanitisation.

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