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Sanitisation Booth

A lightsteel frame structure using HOwCLean natural & organic HOCL disinfectant solution for a sanitisation booth that is safe, easy to transport and quick to erect.

Features of The Spray Booth

Light and Open Design

The booth features large windows to allow light inside, give a feeling of space and is sensitive to those who do not like enclosed spaces. There is also a strip-light on the ceiling as well as a heater to help drying.

Non-Stick Rubber Floor

As the HOCL solution settles on the floor, we have added a non skid floor to ensure the safety of everyone using the ViroGold UK Spray Booths.

Two Booths, One Pump

But what about high volumes of traffic?

High volumes of traffic can be catered for by setting up two booths running on the same pump with our powerful sanitiser and disinfectant.

Branding & Advertising

The 2,400mm x 600mm panels on either side give you a blank canvas for branding & advertising to reach every person walking through the door.

HOwCLean Branded Spray Booth
HOCL being pumped through a nozzle


Does the Sanitisation Booth give me all over coverage?

Absolutely, our automated pump system sprays HOwCLean HOCL disinfectant solution using a high pressure pump to ensure all round body coverage.

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